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With your tax-deductible donation, you directly help beLydia create more awareness about sex trafficking and help support ministries that restore survivors. Your donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small, every dollar counts.

Prevent Child Sex Trafficking by donating to beLydia

 Where will your money go?

-We are putting together a Home Host kit to make it easy for anyone to host a few friends and discuss what child sex trafficking is and how to prevent it.

Our goal is to have Luminaries (leaders) recruiting Home Hosts all over the United States and then we hope to take this program to Central America. Children from places like El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala are brought to the United States specifically for the purpose of sex slavery.

-We plan to send beLydia teams out all across Texas and every state in the nation to spread awareness. Your donation would help pay for training and travel expenses.

-We have been blessed to have a few products which bring in much needed income. We would like to order more products to sell.

-beLydia hosts fundraising events to create awareness and support the following anti-trafficking ministries that we have partnered with: The Refuge, Red Oak Ministries, The Key2Free and Adamo Nail Bar.

100% of all proceeds goes toward fighting to end sex trafficking.


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