beLydia Gathering: Riverbend Church

The first beLydia Gathering was held at Riverbend Church on August 13th, 2016.  On August 2nd we had 15 people that had signed up, half of them being vendors. I literally had an impression on my forehead from pressing my face into our rug, I was that desperate for God to answer me. I couldn’t figure out why He would want me to do this if no one was going to sign up. I write more about that here and hope to always carry with me the lessons I’ve learned about trusting Him, always.

God showed up BIG time.

He brought the people willing to be transformed.

He brought the speakers ready to share their hearts and willingness to be obedient.

He brought the vendors excited to support a good cause.

He lavished us with His presence and I don’t know anyone that attended that wasn’t moved or spurred into action.

Our amazing vendors:

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